Enrico Gazzilli

Twelve Squared Capital Welcomes Enrico Gazzilli on Board

Twelve Squared Capital, seeking to become a fully-regulated investment services provider under the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), welcomed Mr. Enrico Gazzilli as the company’s Investor Relations Officer in March 2019.

TSQ Capital, which has made a name for itself with its high performing open-ended funds that have been generating consistent double-digit returns for over a decade now, stated that Mr. Gazzilli would be a great addition to the core team, with his specific skills and experience helping the company in its mission to provide cutting-edge investment solutions to its clients.

A Solid Background

Prior to joining TSQ Capital, Mr. Gazzilli has fulfilled key responsibilities at HF Markets Ltd, a Europe-based fintech firm and online forex brokerage. He served as the Head of Business Development for Africa from 2015 to 2018. But, his career started a decade before he joined HF Markets.

Enrico Gazzilli has been making a name for himself in the Financial Services sector since 2005, when he joined AIG Ireland Ltd. Here, his keen vision, eye for detail, immense focus and incredible professionalism made him rise through the ranks quickly to become Sales Manager, responsible for Direct Sales products. During this time, he also worked to achieve various industry-specific qualifications, such as the certification from the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments (CISI).

His professionalism and financial insights have earned him a strong reputation in the industry. And he has garnered the trust and loyalty of both his clients and colleagues. As Mr. Gazzilli says, “I take great pride in putting the interests of our investors first, offering just the right fit in terms of financial solutions for them”.

TSQ Capital believes, with Mr. Gazzilli joining the team as the Investor Relations Officer, that it will further the company’s commitment to offering highly personalised investment solutions and customer services.

Fulfilling the Commitment to Excellence in Client Services

TSQ Capital has always been dedicated to ensuring fair, safe, efficient and extremely transparent investment services for all participants in the financial markets. With a strong sense of accountability, the company has always put in place robust risk management measures, while using cutting-edge fintech solution to identify the best investment opportunities.

With the addition of Mr. Enrico Gazzilli’s expertise in fintech and all types of financial solutions, the company believes that it can offer superior investor relationships and solutions to meet the varied needs and financial goals of its clients.

The company offers a variety of financial instruments, apart from its high-performance open-ended funds, such as:

  • Transferrable securities
  • Units in collective investment undertakings
  • Money-market instruments
  • Options, swaps, futures, forward rate agreements and other derivative contracts, associated with currencies, securities, interest rates or yields, financial indices and more, traded on a regulated market or an MTF.

TSQ Capital also undertakes execution of orders on behalf of its clients for the above-mentioned financial instruments.

The company’s main fund have been consistently ranked as the #1 most consistent top performing funds in the CTA category over the past five years, achieving a consistency score of 98.6 on Preqin’s 2018 Alternative Asset Performance Monitor.